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Aviation headsets typically are not equipped with integral push-to-talk buttons. This is because most modern airplanes have push-to-talk buttons built in to the control yoke. Usually, older airplanes which date from "pre-headset era" do not have this convenience feature.

The solution is to add a PTT-400 portable, "strap on" push-to-talk button with plug in connections. These can be moved from one airplane to another, very rapidly, so they are ideal for renters.

Model PTT-400 is our response to repeated pleas from our customers, over the years, for a BETTER portable push-to-talk system. They have told us that they would prefer a PTT that was activated by pushing DOWN on the button, just like the ones built into the control yokes of today's newly manufactured airplanes. They also said that the "industry standard" strap-on PTT's are much too bulky, and protrude excessively to the side, making them clumsy to use, and sometimes interfering with use of the flight controls. Others complained that the standard PTT's need electrical modification to operate with their intercom systems.

We have taken these requests to heart, and designed an all new strap-on PTT system that addresses each of these highly valid pilot concerns. Our pilot/engineers started with a clean slate, to pen a revolutionary strap-on PTT design, housed in a cylindrical enclosure only about half the size as standard units. Its miniature, soft-touch, high-reliability pushbutton has been positioned so that the pilot can press DOWNWARD to invoke the radio transmit function, instead of the clumsy sideways motion required by past PTT designs. And the PTT-400 should not require electrical modification to work with any aircraft or portable intercom system.

Complete with standard aviation microphone plug and special slim-line jack, coiled cable and Velcro fastening straps, the PTT-400 is ready to be installed and removed in a hurry, virtually anywhere.

PRICE: $59.95...... NOW $33.95, PTT-400, with headset purchase,
PRICE: $59.95...... NOW $44.95, PTT-400, purchased separately.


PRICE: $34.95 (web only special must be ordered by phone, fax or mail.)