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The only repair situation that has occurred historically with our leather control yoke covers is separation of the Velcro® loop tape from the edge of the leather. We have been working to find a better adhesive that should eliminate these somewhat unusual failures, and it appears we have “struck pay dirt,” with a 3M product, designed to be used for attaching weather strip to door frames on both cars and aircraft. Since we switched to this new adhesive in 2013, we have had no failures of this type, except a couple of early cases where the application process was faulty.

If your Velcro® “zippers” should separate from the leather covers, we offer to replace the Velcro® at no charge, provided the leather is still serviceable, and you are the original purchaser. There is no time limit for this free repair, in the unlikely event it should be needed. Just phone us at 510-282-9300 or 800-634-0094.


During your first twelve months of ownership, PTT malfunctions due to manufacturing defects generally are repaired by us for free. Please see the Guaranty / Warranty section for details. But if your failure should occur after the first year, we offer to overhaul the whole system at our facility, while preserving the integrity of the leather (if possible). Our overhaul consists of replacing all or most of the electrical components: button, coiled cord, wiring, and both connectors. This costs about $50 per PTT, and yields reliability on a par with a new unit. This procedure can be applied also to SX-100 Slip-on grips. It is often more convenient and cost effective with the SX-100 product, to purchase a new grip instead of overhauling an existing one. We will be happy to discuss the repair options for your particular situation. Just phone us at 510-282-9300 or 800-634-0094.


Leather control yoke covers seem to last a long time, even if you don’t follow any care procedures. We approve of any leather care product that may you find at auto parts stores, hardware stores, building supply stores, etc. We won’t call out brand names, because these vary by individual locale. When trying a new leather dressing, it is wise to first apply some in an out of the way spot, to test how well you like the result, before application to the whole cover.

Frequent application of a leather dressing should help protect it from dirt and perspiration, and also prevent it from drying out and cracking.