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Leather Control Yoke Covers or Slip-On Grips

Which is right for your plane? (see below).

Leather Control Yoke Covers

  • Hand crafted from premium Italian lamb skin, to fit most General Aviation airplanes
  • Owner/Pilot installable with our exclusive Velcro® “zippers,” in most cases
  • Use your existing push-to-talk, or we can build one into the leather cover
  • Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee
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Slip-On Control Yoke Grips

  • Cost effective control yoke upgrade that introduces a more solid feel to the primary flight controls, due to increased leverage of the thicker grips.
  • Optional built-in push-to-talk, with coiled cord and plug-in connections.
  • Fits specific yokes only, on many Cessna, Grumman American, Alon, Mooney and various others.
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Upward Facing portable PTT

  • Say goodbye to the usual aviation PTTs that stick out almost an inch sideways from the handle, and are hard to activate without some awkward and ungraceful finger movements.
  • Now you can have a portable (genuine Velcro®) strap-on PTT that has an upward facing button that you can push down on, while still grasping the yoke.
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